Not everyone needs or want a coach, I get it. Thats why I also offer customized 4-week training program based off your wants and needs with less cost compared to 1:1 online coaching. Your training program will be given through the Trainheroic app for easy access. In the app you can log your weights, sets, reps, and keep track week after week so you can track your progress.

Trainheroic App

1:1 Coaching vs Personalized Training Program

So, what it is the difference?

With 1:1 coaching you get accountability, coaching calls, constant support, form check with videos, behavioral change, and more.

With the personalized training program, I write you a 4-week program based on your goals, access to equipment, and mobility needs. I will send you the program through the Trainheroic app and that’s it. With the app you can reach out with questions if needed. The app has videos attached to each exercise, taught by me personally. After the 4 week we can meet again for a new program.

Click the link below and fill out the application to get started. I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Team Training on TrainHeroic App

Training should make life feel easier. Training should help you develop and maintain skills without fear of pain or injury.
Don’t just train hard, but also train smart so you can look good but also move well. This option is my personal training, I put it all on the app and you can follow along with me and everyone who is signed up.

Team training can offer:

  • Workouts delivered through Trainheroic App
  • Immediate Feedback and real coaching
  • Support from me and your fellow teammates
  • Video Tutorials coached by me
  • Real time messaging from myself and your teammates
  • Building a community that will help each other with accountability and push each other to be better.

Every 4-6 weeks will be a new program that will focus on an objective but will continue to work towards having a healthy body that looks good, move well, be explosive, and feel good while doing it.

Come train with me to move better for life.

3-5 sessions per week
3-4 days of strength training, 1-2 days of mobility/recovery
Must use TrainHeroic app to view and log training
Team Training


This pre-written program is for anyone who is new to lifting weights or been away from the gym for a while and needs guidance to get started.

The goal of this program is to help you build a foundation of strength, mobility, and overall fitness.

You will learn the foundational movements of squatting, hinging, pushing, pulling, and core stability.

The first week is designed to be an introduction week which means minimum soreness, learning the new movements, and just getting comfortable being in the gym.


2 strength sessions/week with mobility/recovery days

8 weeks of progressive overload to ensure success

Will have access to the program for 12 months.



A pre-written program that is designed to push your body in multiple planes of motion. 

Athletes are expected to be strong and explosive, but training like that is not just for them. 

Everyone should train like an athlete, building the skills to sprint, jump, and explode in different directions.

Not only are you going to build strength, muscle, and power. You are going to feel good while doing so with mobility work.

This program is part 1 of 2 with a focus on unilateral strength, preparing you for part 2, bilateral strength.

14 weeks

In this program, you will have 3x/week strength training days

Lower Body, Upper Body, and Full Body

2x/week will be recovery/conditioning days 

Start the program today.